Best Price Guarantee

Or We'll Give You £100

Full Terms & Conditions

  1. Dawson and Sanderson guarantees to beat a High Street competitors overall transaction price. The competitor’s price must be in the form of a written quotation, published on an official company letterhead displaying the company iogo, presented to us on the same day as it was created and prior to making any transaction with us or the High Street competitor. it must show the date and time when the quotation was issued.
  2. The price given on the quotation must be available to any member of the general public. Prices only available to an exclusive or closed group are excluded from this promotion. The competitor must have the currency quoted in stock and available for sale. Dawson and Sanderson reserves the right to verify the quote electronically, in person or via telephone with that provider. We will not be required to beat a quote if you do not comply with these terms and conditions.
  3. A High Street competitor is defined as a foreign currency bureau / foreign currency retailer within one mile of the Dawson and Sanderson Bureau de Change where the transaction is taking place.
  4. If Dawson and Sanderson are unable to offer a lower overall price, the customer will be entitled to receive the equivalent of £100 payable in the form of an Escape Travelcard. Terms and conditions for the use and issuance of the Escape Travelcard are available at Should the customer already hold an Escape Travelcard the funds would be loaded on to their existing card. Only one Escape Travelcard can be issued per customer in total.
  5. The Best Price Guarantee applies to both buy and sell transactions of foreign currency notes. No other products are covered.
  6. The maximum value of transactions covered by the Best Price Guarantee is £2500.00
  7. The Best Price Guarantee can be withdrawn at any time without prior notice. E&OE.