Overseas Payments

There are several reasons to send or receive money to or from overseas:

  • Own property abroad?
  • Buying Property Abroad?
  • Property maintenance payments to make?
  • Overseas mortgage to pay?
  • Paying for holiday accommodation?
  • Buying a car?
  • Sending money to a friend or relative?
  • Topping up your overseas bank account?
  • Importing or Exporting – payments to make or receive

These are just some of the reasons given for sending or receiving money to or from overseas. Whatever your reason we can help you find a solution.

Whilst we do not offer an international payment ourselves we have worked with 2 companies for a number of years now.


Moneygram provides a solution for those who are sending money to anyone who does not have a bank account.

Send money person to person in minutes. The process is quick and convenient.

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Earthport FX is an excellent solution for individuals and for businesses. They offer some very competitive exchange rates and a simple online solution that makes it very easy for you to manage and process all of your overseas payments.

For Individuals
  • This is a solution for anyone wishing to transfer funds overseas
For Business
  • EarthportFX enables businesses to manage their international payments more efficiently than ever before, providing the control and confidence to manage and grow a truly global enterprise

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