Prepaid Travel Cards

Prepaid Travel Cards

Pre-paid travel cards are a safe and secure way to carry your holiday money and offer more flexibility in terms of available currencies.

This travel money service is becoming increasingly popular, especially if you are visiting multiple different countries that require separate currencies as we provide one pre-paid travel money card that is available to use worldwide.

Prepaid cards are not debit cards, there is no link to your own personal bank details and therefore provide a much safer way of taking money abroad as opposed to taking your debit card which may incur charges when used abroad. They are also not credit cards so there is no debt incurred or overdraft facility.

Prepaid travel money cards are used in the same way you use a debit or credit card. You will be provided with a randomly generated pin number, an online account to track your spending, and a chip and pin card. Pre-paid travel cards are widely used in shops, restaurants etc. to pay for goods and services, without incurring any fees along the way. Alternatively, if you need the cash, use it at an ATM free of charge when withdrawing over £100 in one transaction.

At Dawson and Sanderson we recommends the Escape Travel Card Prepaid MasterCard® Card. In brief here's why:

  • No upfront cost

    This card will cost you nothing to buy provided you load a minimum £100 on to it

  • No cost to load

    It will cost you nothing to load - in fact in a 12 month period you could load up to £20,000 if you wished with no charge

  • No cost to use abroad

    It will cost you nothing to use if you use it to buy goods and services whilst on holiday

  • No withdrawal charge over £100

    It will cost you nothing to use if you withdraw over £100 from an ATM whilst on holiday*

  • Daily exchange rates

    It provides daily exchange rates online so you can see clearly how good the rates are before you use your card

  • Clear history and security

    It provides an honest and clear record of all your transactions. It provides above average security to your holiday money as it is protected by CHIP and PIN

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* withdrawing under £100 will incur a change of £2.25